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Announcing the Next TTouch® Training with Dogs and other Companion Animals!!

Upcoming Trainings
in the USA

The TTouch Trainings listed below, if not fully described, are open to:
- Those of you who wish to attend a week-long training that will give you a foundation in the Tellington Method.
- Students who are enrolled in the six-session, two-year TTouch Certification Program.

In each of these trainings, attendees will include students from all levels of the program - from the first through the sixth. For twenty years we have found that this combination in Canada and the U.K. has provided a rich exchange of ideas and experiences to all participants.

Cost: For people who are attending their first training there is a one-time introductory price of $600. For people attending their second through sixth trainings, the price for each session is $800. For trainings in New Mexico there is an applicable State tax.

  • April 12-17, 2015  Portland, OR. Teacher: Founder Debby Potts
  • April 19-24, 2015  Chapel Hill, NC. Teacher: TTouch Instructor Debby Potts
  • May 10-12, 2015  Portland, OR. Advanced Training for Tellington TTouch Practitioners or people who have attended at least two trainings. TTouch Instructor Debby Potts.
  • May 14-19, 2015  Rockville, MD. Teacher: TTouch Instructor Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon)
  • June 9-14, 2015  Littleton, CO. Teacher: Founder Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon).
  • September 12-17, 2015  Rockville, MD. Teacher: TTouch Instructor Edie Jane Eaton
  • September 20-25, 2015  Littleton, CO. Teacher: TTouch Instructor Kathy Cascade.
  • November 1-6, 2015  Portland, OR. Teacher: Founder Kathy Cascade
For more information about all these events, contact the TTEAM Office 800-854-8326 or Click to Register for a training.
Look for a Practitioner's one- or two-day workshops in your area. See our Calendar of Events.
Introductions in Canada. Learn more!

Upcoming Trainings in Canada

Unless otherwise described, the trainings are an introduction to TTouch with dogs, cats and other companion animals and a session of the TTouch Practitioner Certification Program. All trainings are six days. The introduction can be taken by anyone who is interested in learning about the TTouch work and will be counted as Session 1 of the six sessions, two-year Practitioner Certification Program if you choose to continue with the program.

Price: Foundation Training is $600.00 + applicable taxes. Price for the remaining 5 sessions of the Practitioner Program is $800.00 per session and applicable taxes.

For more information about all these events, contact: Christine at the TTouch Canada office 800-255-2336 or IceFarm Event Details.
Look for a Practitioner's one- or two-day workshops in your area. See our Calendar of Events.
  • November 1-3, 2014  Calgary, AB. Teacher: TTouch Instructor Lucie Leclerc. Held at the Calgary Humane Society. This training counts towards the Practitioner program.
  • November 1-6, 2014  Calgary, AB. Teacher: TTouch Instructor Lucie Leclerc. Held at the Calgary Humane Society. This training counts towards the Practitioner program.


Click to Register for a training or call 866-4-TTouch (866-488-6824) for more information.

Look for a Practitioner's one- or two-day workshops in your area. Calendar of events.

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Read what Diana experienced at a TTouch for You and Your Dog event!

"I feel very lucky to have been able to attend Linda's TTouch for You and Your Dog class this February in Kona.  Her class was a comprehensive balance of intellect and intuition. It was spellbinding to watch Linda's hands as she demonstrated TTouches on the dogs, and demonstrated the use of different harnesses and leading exercises through the Playground for Higher Learning. It was truly educational to watch her respectful communication with the dogs, which put them at ease so quickly.

Linda showed us new ways to hold ourselves in movement with breathing techniques. She encouraged us to use imaginative ways to apply wraps and intuitive ways to do bodywork.  Her teaching technique made it easy to apply immediately and see big improvements in the dogs that we worked on.

Karin Frieling was also an inspiration to listen to and watch. Her TTouch techniques were jewels of information and fun.  Her sense of equanimity was wonderfully contagious and she was the perfect complement to Linda. Between the two, the week went by all too fast.

Our week ended with the culmination of seeing the dogs come into balance and feeling comfortable in their bodies, which was not possible for some of them when they first arrived. The week gave us a lot to be grateful for.

Upon my arrival home, I applied my week's experience to my three month old, mouthy German Shepherd-mix pup; the result was as if a light had been turned on and she suddenly knew she could communicate with me in a respectful manner.

Linda has a unique wisdom to impart, and had us mesmerized as she 'talked story' as we say in Hawaii; she truly influences both humans and animals to remember their perfection."

- Mahalo, Diana  

What Happens at a TTouch Training?

TTouch Workshop -- Confidence CourseIn the Introductory session to this dynamic TTouch training and learning system, you will explore and acquire some of the TTouch techniques you can use to help dogs, cats and other animal companions. Using these techniques will enable you to enhance your relationship with all animals. If you are interested in becoming a TTouch Practitioner, you can enroll in the certification program that consists of six sessions, including the Introductory session, each lasting six or seven days. Throughout the curriculum, you will be guided through the various exercises, experiences and techniques that will integrate the TTouch system and earn you the status of a professional TTouch Practitioner.

Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), Robyn Hood, Debra Potts, Edie Jane Eaton, Kathy Cascade and Lucie Leclerc head the teaching staff of certified TTouch Practitioners who will conduct these trainings and classroom activities.

TTouch Workshop -- TTouchesAt your introductory training you will meet and work with the Instructor, assistants, the other participants and a variety of dogs, etc. from 9:00 to 5:00 each day. After this session you may decide to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner. For the details of how to do this, please click here.

Click to Register for a training or call 866-4-TTouch (866-488-6824) for more information.

For information, call the Tellington TTouch Training, USA Office:
866-4-TTouch (866-488-6824)
1713 State Rd 502
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506
Phone: 505-455-2945
Fax: 505-455-7233


Tellington TTouch Training
1713 State Rd 502
Santa Fe, NM 87506
Phone: 866-4-TTouch


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