Different Activities for Awareness Raising

feature-3Awareness raising can cover a big range of activities, anything that includes people understanding, learning or doing something new; visioning the future; working out how to change something in their lives; or talking with another person about what they’ve done, all are a piece of the procedure of raising awareness about the need for Transition. Noisy, outgoing events that make a major splash and get exposure will work in a few places and for a few people, while in others it might be more appropriate to take a calmer approach going into discussions with existing groups and perhaps supporting their work. For instance, Transition Vancouver in Canada put in a year publicizing and supporting the occasions of different gatherings before putting on any they could call their own. Read More→

Top 5 Ways to Raise Awareness

feature-2Raising awareness not just in your country but in your family and community will allow you to become “active” and think of the well being of yourself, family, neighborhood and countrymen. Changes starts from within and not from the others, you should raise awareness by following the top 5 ways to do so…. Read More→