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What do you know about training a horse?

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Horse, Luxury, Training |

Ever since I was a kid, I always knew answer to the question – what is my favorite animal. Like Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons loved ponies, that’s how I loved horses. From my younger age, I ride them and I spend time with them. People think that training a horse is easy. You ride them and after a while, they start to listen to you. But training a horse is a process, and if you have time I will give you some advice about training your horse.

Well, the first thing you need to know about training a horse is: do not train a horse if you don’t have any experience of riding a horse. You shouldn’t ride it until you have some experience. Of course, by riding a horse you will get some knowledge in riding, but don’t start with some eager young stallion that probably won’t listen to you.

NZ-horse-training-demo-1_slideshowCommunication with horses is also pretty important. If you believe it, then it will believe you. Remember, horses are noble animals. A lot of kids are going to riding lessons. That’s good because you learn things better when you are younger. When you are kid, you grew confidence and you learn everything about riding and then later you are a fully grown rider. However, some people didn’t have that luxury of having riding lessons when they were children. When they grew up, they remember what they wanted to do. But it’s not that simple. It is important to have the horse who matches your skill point.

Everyone knows that you cannot ride experienced horse if you are beginner and otherwise, but intermediate level of riding isn’t that simple. It is advised that temperament of the horse matches yours. So when you pick your horse be careful. You don’t want to hurt you or the animal, because remember, horses are noble animals. When you handle these basic things, then you can go and plan what practice methods you will use.

horse-training-clinic-ridingFirst you should do is research. Investigate more training methods. Find the right one which will be the best for your horse. When you decide what method you will pursue, don’t change your mind. Changing the ways of practicing may confuse your horse and that will only have a negative influence on horse. What you also need to consider – small bridles. Have you ever thought about bridles? Are you aware that maybe a horse didn’t carry a bridle before? It’s important, if you have this kind of a problem, that you start with a smaller bridle and then later go for bigger. Your comfort isn’t priority in this case. One thing that you should know is, horses do have a brain. Imagine if someone kisses you and you go crazy about it. That’s how your point of view should be about horses licking your hands.

If horse licks you and you go talking about how’s that ugly, horses can understand that. That’s why, you must be relaxed with them because horses do have emotions.